Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Services – Las Vegas NV

Are you looking for a certified thermal imaging service in Las Vegas?

Just like any other major city in the USA, Las Vegas has large companies who require switchboard thermal imaging, infrared leak detection, energy audits etc.

Fortunately, there are now thermal imaging companies in Las Vegas who are trained to complete efficient thermal inspections at a fair price, without comprimising quality of work and reporting standards.

Here’s some examples of why a thermal imaging inspection could be of use to any Las Vegas (or anywhere in Nevada) commercial business or home owner:

Hidden leaks in hotels can cost companies serious money if they can’t rent the rooms out due to water damage. Using an infrared thermal imaging camera could assist in tracking the leak back to its source in minimal time. Some companies aren’t aware that infrared can be the least destructive method to detect a leak, therefore they employ the onsite maintenance guy to rip holes in the wall. Not required!

Thermal electrical fault finding in electrical switchboards could highlight potential issues which many cause either a shutdown, or a switch to the back up power system. Most Las Vegas thermographers will do an infrared scan of the back up power systems as part of the inspection, as long as there is load running through at the time of inspection.

Energy audits: Las Vegas home owners can now get a thermal scan of their home to determine any areas that heat loss is occuring. In general, heat travels from hot to cold, therefore with all the heat in the air out in Vegas, homes running air conditioning units may not be getting the maximium out of the unit due warm air drafts, and vice versa in winter months.

Computer data centers: With the huge amounts of money flowing through Las Vegas hotels, a fire in the onsite computer data centers of servers could mean chaos! A routine infrared thermal imaging inspection of your computer data center is a very wise investment!

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