Thermal Imaging of Aircraft Airframes

There is a wide variety of applications for a thermal imaging camera, and infrared inspections of aircraft is just another way you can make money in this business.

Recently I came across what’s called the infrared ’Jet Check’ system online. The information is very useful to any thermographers out there who are looking to diversify their applications in the industry. For some of you with engineering backgrounds (or maybe aircraft maintenance experience), this may be of particular interest.

If for some reason you wouldn’t feel comfortable thermal imaging an aircraft, then you could still line up the deals and have this company below perform the inspection for you for a commission. I’m not sure if they do this type of arrangement, but it wouldn’t hurt to call them and ask!

This is a higher ticket item to sell, and no doubt a decent profit involved. It’s worth taking a look at. Here’ s the link - aircraft thermal imaging

Remember, if you aren’t sure of the best way to find customers, then the thermal imaging marketing ideas guide could be your answer. Has been for many others!