Thermal Imaging Website Opportunity – Entrepreneurs Only

Hi Everyone,

Here is an outline of the opportunity – See the proof it’s working – then read about the offer

An exclusive opportunity has come up for just 4 people only… and it doesn’t matter where you live… you can take advantage.

Some of you may be aware that I build thermography websites until they hit page one in google… and it’s come to a point where I simply can’t maintain & grow all of them due to time constraints.  If you’ve been wanting to run a website ALREADY on page 1 of Google, take a look at this…

You can now lease a top ranking site and use it to generate leads for yourself, or sell advertising on it to other IR companies. No web experience required… i’ll do that for you.

Here’s the offer:

For $0 down (zero), you can run one of the following thermography websites that already rank in the top 3 spots on page 1 of in the natural search.

Here are the 4 websites on offer, and ranking proof:

Open up and type the following into the search box:

  1. Type in ‘thermal imaging services california’  (TAKEN- The website on offer ranks 1st in google right now (
  2. Type in ‘thermal imaging services florida’  (TAKEN)- The website on offer ranks 2nd in google right now (
  3. Type in ‘thermal imaging services texas’ – The website on offer ranks 1st in google right now (
  4. Type in ‘thermal imaging services illinois’  (TAKEN)- The website on offer ranks 3rd in google right now (

4 people only:

As you can see, i’ve already done the hard work… now there is an opportunity for just one person only (per site) to take advantage of this rare deal that won’t be repeated.  

What’s included:

You will have exclusive use of the site for as long as you are paying the monthly hosting fee.

  • I will customise a ‘contact us’ page for you with your details
  • You will be put in contact with the other 3 people who take over the websites mentioned above, so you can build the sites as a team and link to eachother etc.
  • I can add articles and pages to the site for you… you just write the article and i’ll add them to the site and do basic customisations for you.
  • Other benefits will be announced once you take up the offer… but can’t be mentioned here at this stage.

Remember, this is a first in first served basis, so don’t wait around if this ticks all the boxes for you.

First in first served:

All you need to do is pay $25 p/month to lease the site… and that includes hosting! From there, you can do whatever you want with it!

You simply won’t find any offer like this anywhere. Yes, you may be able to design a website for free, or a few hundred dollars, but getting a site already ‘up there’ in the rankings for just $25 p/month is almost unheard of.

Email Dean directly at if you would like to take the deal. I’m happy to answer questions, but if someone comes along and takes the offer during ‘question emails’, they will get the deal. This should be a no-brainer if you are even remotely interested in more work, or making money online. Please reply right now if you are interested, as this email has gone out to 1500 thermographers.