Thermography Job Leads

Are you looking for more work in the IR business, no matter where you live?

This website gets enquiries everyday from visitors wanting IR inspections. In fact, we get over 100 visitors per day looking for more information about getting an IR inspection.

In the ‘contact us’ section you will see a form they fill out for further info. You can now take some of these jobs in your area! When they click the ‘submit’ button, both you and I get a copy of that lead.

How much does it cost?

You only pay $10 per lead! That’s right, it could be for electrical work, leak detection, energy audit etc etc.`You only pay if get the lead… you can not beat this deal anywhere.

First in first served for each county! Only one person will get the lead in each area, so you are assured value for money with this deal.

The only condition is you pay for 4 leads in advance. Only $40 and you are in the system right away! If you don’t get 4 jobs in a month, you will be refunded or remain in credit… your choice.

Ready for some extra work?

Simply hit the buy now button below and email me your business details right away to