Track & Tracing Leak Sources Using Infrared

We get alot of emails coming in with questions about how infrared cameras can be used to track and trace leaks.

Here is a sample of questions we get emailed in. These questions will be answered shortly…


Hi, We own a relatively new house (4 years old) and have a leak in our bedroom coming through a ceiling cornice when it rains heavily (for example it has happened three times this year and only once last winter). So far the builder has not been able to solve the problem. We would like to be able to trace the leak and identify any damage it is causing so that we can undertake repairs and fix the source of the problem.

If your service would be able to help us find the source of the leak and
identify any moisture in the roof space/wall as a result I would like to get a quote.

Hi, I would like to find a leak in a bathroom in an apartment building. The leak has originated from the middle level apartment and is now seeping down to the ground level apartment. Ideally, I would like the inspection to take place this Sunday

Hi There, I have a leak in my water pipes underground somewhere on my property. i believe I’ve located the area down to a few square meters, but the pipes are pvc and no-one can seem to detect these. Are you able to detect PVC and if so, how quickly could you make it out to my house? The water meter is going round like crazy. I look forward to hearing from you.

We have been trying for the past 6years to get the builder to rectify our leaking deck and are now desperate due to his band aid fixes not working.

Without recent rain from the North would your thermal imaging find the location of water ingress??
The deck forms the roof of a lined garage ceiling. It is enclosed on 3 sides by Block walls, the 4th side being attached to the house which consists of blueboard clad (stucco finish) walls with a wooden sliding door in the middle. The base of the deck sits on wooden joists leading off a RSJ which holds up the house wall. On top of the joists there is apparently blueboard type sheets with thick cement sloping base under the quarry tiles.
We cannot find out where the water is coming from and the builder refuses to completely remove tiles and cement base in order to re-waterproof under them. (He has dug up odd patches in the past).

We are at our wits end and wondered whether your imaging would work here. (We previously endured a leaky, rotting home in NZ where we utilised this service but this is seemingly different).