Using Thermal Imaging for Radiant Heating Systems

“Would the general public be interested in paying for a thermal scan to verify or see if radiant heating systems in the ceramic floors are working properly, or to detect which heating coils are defective?”

Peter: Yes. Do you want me to expand?

Dean: Yes please.

Peter: The answer is yes. You know, in California we don’t have a lot of radiant systems, although they are becoming more popular. There was some here in California, popular in an era of homes in the 1970s and a portion in the 60s, and they went to the forced air system, because it was more effective but there is a lot of people who are looking for comfort factors in the high end homes, and in fact recently I had one of those cases where I was hired for the radiant system in the slab. Actually I’ve had two of them and they’re both seven million dollar plus homes. One was for the owner… they said that they didn’t feel any of the heating system was working, so what we did was imaged it to show them the heating coils, and in the second case they had a leak where they suspected the radiant system was the cause, and actually ended up being an exterior grade problem, that was leaking into a subterranean rim. So the answer is yes, infrared cameras are an excellent tool for mapping out radiant systems.

Dean: Yeah, it’s going to show up pretty quick on the cameras, because it’s heat flow, so you’re going to see it relatively quickly, aren’t you? If there is a defect.

Peter: Correct.

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