Water Leak Coming in Through Skylight

Do you suspect a leak coming in through your skylight?

Where is the leak source?

Skylights can be more hassle than they are worth if not fitted correctly. Due the vast amounts of water flowing across your roof, skylights are very vulnerable to the elements if the flashing isn’t fitted correctly, or the roofer has used ‘sub-grad’ silicon to seal any potential water penetration points. Ontop of that, you have joinery failures to contend with.

Like the majority of leaks, you don’t usually SEE them until after they have penetrated through the ceiling and damaged to your plaster board/drywall etc (Costs more money to fix also).

A recent thermal imaging leak inspection scan revealed a leak around a sky light that the home owner did not know was there. Fortunately they won’t need to do an invasive inspection or cause damage to the wall because it was found early. The skylight joinery was not sealed correctly in this case. A thermal imaging camera can detect leaks fast.

Here’s what this particular leak look like through the infrared camera…

leaking sky light

See the dark patch in the corner? That’s a leak that couldn’t be seen with the human eye!

A regular thermal imaging leak scan is an excellent way to stay ontop of your properties condition, as there is no damage caused during the inspection at all… in fact, it can be done without even touching the walls!