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West Tennessee Home Inspector helps eliminate $1ooo’s on Heating / Air Bills using high tech infrared equipment:

Thermal Imaging Inspections of West Tennessee recently did a home inspection in Dyersburg Tennessee, and being a Certified Thermographer found a home with missing insulation and leak damage so bad the wind was going straight thru the wall.

Are all Tennessee homes insulated?

The short history of this home, is a year ago a tornado had lifted a roof from this house and ruined the sheetrock and most of the insulation. So a roofer was hired to replace the roof which in turn hired a sheetrock man to replaced the moist walls. The so-called professional sheetrock installers replaced the sheetrock and pulled out all the wet insulation, but failed to replace with new insulation. Here’s what happened when I arrived on site…

My Thermal Imaging Camera noticed the problem within seconds. My clients were thrilled with this information, and wished they had called me first to diagnose the issues before calling in contractors!

I have also resolved issues relating to tornado leak damage situations with my thermal imaging camera in the following towns; Jackson, Lexington, Milan, Humboldt, Paris, Medina, Henderson, Savannah and Selmer Tenn. in the last few years. A picture is really worth a 1000 words so, so don’t buy a home without looking behind those walls.

Also providing thermal leak detection services for the following counties Madson, Benton, Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Decautur, Dyer, Gibson, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson and McNairy.

Giving peace of mind one infrared inspection at a time!

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