What is Thermal Imaging Used For?

One of the most common questions people ask when doing research about which thermal imaging camera to buy, is “What is thermal imaging used for, and which application will suit me”

If you aren’t sure what application to use it for, here’s a tip… use it for whatever is going to make you the most money. That comment may sound ¬†direct and even ‘greedy’… but it’s not. If you are serious about buying an infrared camera to start a business, why not use it for the most profitable application! Your not running a charity are you?

Of course there are exceptions… if you’ve been in the business of plumbing before buying your thermal imaging infrared camera, then you are most likely to naturally think of using it to find leaks… makes sense! If you have a background in insulating houses for a living, then you would probably use the best type of infrared thermal camera for heat loss and energy audits etc etc.

Are you a vet? Yes… you can certainly buy yourself a camera for equine thermography on horses, and as a possible diagnostic tool on other animals also. The beauty of thermal imaging is that it’s all about heat, and the good news is that everything around us emits heat that you can detect using infrared.

How clever are you?

Most applications for the use of a thermal imaging camera have been ‘found out’… but there will be many more that haven’t been. If you can find yourself a niche way of using the IR camera… then here’s a tip… keep it to yourself and make lots of money with it :)

Infrared imaging is a short cut to find out problems… and a classic example of that is electrical thermography applications.¬†Finding a hot spot on a switchboard is quick and easy… but for the company who is running a business and is relying on that switchboard, a shut down could cost them serious cash… even if it’s for only an hour or two.

As you can see by the majority of photos on this website, we mainly use the camera for infrared leak detection above ground in houses.

The first step you should take though, is working out how to get customers and what are the best marketing techniques to get you in the door. There are ideas outlined for you in a manual that can be found on this website.