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Hopefully you’re off to a flying start with your thermal imaging business, or consistantly making money with your current business!

The thermography business can put serious cash in the bank if you know how to get started on the right foot. This monthly newsletter i’ve put together specifically teaches you all the marketing tricks and ideas from an independant perspective… from a thermographer who is out there actually making money, and not selling cameras or courses.

 I’ve helped over 400 thermography companies with their marketing in the past few years, so rest assured I have some gold nuggets to share with you in this newsletter… that’s why i’ve called it the ‘Inner Circle’.

The monthly editions of this newsletter will cover anything from:

• Marketing ideas
• How to build your website and customer enquiry up using clever techniques,
• Tips on how I make money with micro side businesses which I run parallel with my IR business,
• Building credibility for yourself so customers should naturally say “Yes” to your quotes.
• Upselling further products and services to customers.
• Internet tools you can use to skip ahead of the competition,
• Interviews with thermographers,
• Simple marketing ideas that work,
• Exclusive discounts with suppliers
• Bonus newsletters with any special announcements
• …and much much more.

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I’m 100% confident you will be looking forward to receiving the ‘Thermal Imaging Inner Circle’ newsletter every month!

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As you may be aware already, I am 100% dedicated to helping other thermographers around the world make more money, and this is the only project i’m putting my time into from now on, so you should join in also!

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How do I get my first edition of the newsletter today?

As you can probably guess, there is a very small subscription fee… actually, it’s crazy how little it costs for the amazing value you’ll get. All i’m really charging is enough to cover my time to put it together (You’ll see in a moment).

My Guarantee on the Newsletter:

Here’s how I guarantee you’ll get a quality newsletter full of useful information each month.

When you subscribe today, you’ll automatically pay monthly through paypal, with NO one-off upfront cost to get started. If you don’t think i’m delivering quality each month, then you simply log into your paypal account and cancel! You can rest assured I don’t want you to cancel your subscription,  so i’ll be working my butt off to keep the newsletter informative and worth your investment.


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